Monday, 29 April 2013

OldMan head Returns Again! - MentalRay Maya Render

So I retopologised(?) the head in Zbrush and exported it along with displacement.
Stuck him in Maya for some realistic Mental Ray renders!
I used image-based lighting, a skin shader for the head and a bokeh lense for the camera.
Would be nice to get some eyebrows and stubble, and a bit more colour in his face.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Old Man Face Returns!

I revisited his zbrush sculpt. My first attempt at really painting n Zbrush using a technique i think alot of people use for quick sketches etc. Basically starting with temperature zones and undertones and working my way up. I'll bring it to finish (paint it properly), give him some nice eyes and clean up the little funny bits here and there. I might even put him in Maya and do some nice Mental ray renders! I had fun doing the wrinkles :)

Update on Bumpy dude! Zbrush sculpt...

Visited one of my Zbrush doodles again will paint it soon, although i'm not looking forward to it :P